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Point of Service

  1. Point of Service Collections

    The collection of the portion of the bill that is likely the responsibility of the patient prior to the provision of service. It can include co-pays, as well as estimated patient liability after payer reimbursement. Managing point-of-service collections effectively has been shown to reduce cost to collect, increase overall cash flow, and in some instances improve patient satisfaction.

  2. A hybrid payer model

    A hybrid of HMOs and PPOs. Some require members to choose PCPs and offer the highest amounts of insurance benefits by staying in network. Like PPO plans, however, members are able to go out of network and still receive insurance coverage but the amounts will be lower. Members do not have to get referrals for non-network care even if they have PCPs. However, out-of-pocket expenses, such as deductibles and co-payments, are substantially higher for members who do not get referrals for non-network care. See also EPO, HMO, and PPO.

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